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Say hello to your hair's new best friend, PONY-O ponytail holders! Our revolutionary, patented designs hold securely in all hair types without pulling, damaging or creasing your beautiful hair.

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PONY-O bends it doesn't stretch! Elevate your ponytail and hair styles with our unique patented designs.


Fine hair looks thick and feels full instantly. Stays in place all day without creasing or damaging your hair.


"I have fine thin hair and it works great! It's much gentler on my hair than hair
ties. It gives more volume and lift to my hair. I highly recommend PONY-O!!"
 — Rachelle G

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O 2.0 for sections or very fine hair

PONY-O Classic for fuller looking ponytails & styles

BUN BARZ for BIG beautiful buns

BLING RINGZ are worn over to PONY-O


Thick hair feels lighter and weightless all day. It lifts your hair and holds it in place without headaches.


"I love this thing! I have thick hair. Ponytails
usually kill my head after a few hours. This holds its place even chasing my two year old. Super comfortable I forget it's in!" 
— Ashley B

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O XL for all up styles

PONY-O XLSlim for sections of hair

BUN BARZ for beautiful buns

BLING RINGZ to dress up your PONY-O


It never flattens your curl. It stays in place without tension. It never rips your hair when you take it off.


They're awesome! I have fine, curly hair and PONY-Os held my hair perfectly, naturally curly and even when it's flat ironed! Definitely happy with this product" — Joel L

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O M/L for hair that is shorter/finer

PONY-O XL for fuller curly hair all up

PONY-O XLSlim for sections

DESIGNERS or BLING RINGZ for a dressier look


  • " I love the Bun Bar - I could never wear my hair in a bun but this has changed my bun days forever! "

    - Li.M -

  • " After 2 days of wearing my Pony-O, I’m so HAPPY. My pony tail feels and looks thicker and it stays in place all day. I feel like I’m wearing one of those clip-in fake hair pony tails, except it’s my real, fine hair! "

    - Lacy -

  • " PONY-O is amazing, I have finally found a hair band that can hold up all my hair and doesn't give me a headache! "

    - Storm. C -

  • " My kids LOVE their PONY-O's. Finally a hair accessory that doesn't tug and pull their hair and it looks super cute! "

    - Donna -