Care Instructions

To help ensure a long life span for all your PONY-O™ products we’ve put together a few very important tips.


PONY-O™ (Classic, 2.0, XL, XL Slim, Bun Barz, Designer)

We don’t recommended playing with your PONY-O™ if you’re not using it.

Any unnecessary bending of the copper wire will weaken the PONY-O™ over time. 

Do not use any harsh chemicals when cleaning the outer silicone. Use a soft wet cloth to wipe it off.

If there is hair-spray build up on the silicone you can use a pea size amount of your shampoo to help wash it off.

Be extra careful with your Designer PONY-O™, as vigorous rubbing or wiping too often, can remove the pattern.


Bling Ringz

Do not leave your Bling Ringz in the car or any direct sunlight where it will get very hot. This could affect the magnet setting.

Do not swim with your Bling Ringz in your hair or immerse them in any liquid.

Use a soft dry cloth to shine your Bling Ringz and remove any product build up. A jewellery cloth is ideal.

Never use any chemical to clean your Bling Ringz.